Creating a Memorable 21st Birthday Shot Book

We all know that when you are planning your 21st birthday event you are most likely not going to remember it the next day, so create a new tradition to celebrate your big night and make yourself one to remember for years to come a 21st celebration shot book. Record every stranger, every shot, and […]

The best list for drinks for your birthday

The Best Drinks to Order When Turning 21

Yes, you are finally turning 21 and its time to party and legally order alcohol while celebrating your 21st birthday and super exciting. Welcome to a new world opening its doors for you, where the day before it was stealing sips, and secretive guzzling. Now you can order legitimately with pride and courage and fit […]

The 21st Birthday Party Checklist

Yes, the 21st birthday party is coming closer quicker than you can think. It is a celebration to remember when your friends or family turns the big adult 21. With this comes entertainment and one cannot be too organized. Yes, we know easier said than done! Therefore, to help you organize your birthday celebration we […]

Great birthday ideas for your girlfriend

Some Great 21st Birthday Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Celebrating a 21st birthday is an adventure and big deal for young adults these days. If you have a girlfriend celebrating her big twenty-one and only have two weeks left with our great ideas, you can make it more special for her. Getting smashed is not the only way to have fun on her special […]

Romantic ideas for birthday parties

Romantic 21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Him

21st Birthday celebrations meant sharing with family and friends, however, when your special man in your life is reaching the big TWENTY-ONE there is plentiful time to share him with his friends. Why not surprise the man in your life with a romantic pre-21st scavenger hunt celebration and have him all to yourself before the […]

Considerate 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Her

Considerate 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Her

For many young girls, their 21st birthday, symbolizes the time when they think back on their adolescence and experiences, it prepares them in becoming an adult. As they enter into maturity they need items that will prepare them to be a woman, so when looking for a present to help them with their new life […]

Thoughtful 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him hotel party

Thoughtful 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

Turning twenty-one is a significant highlight in any boy’s life as he is at last a man. This making it legal for him to drink and visit casinos and all over the world the 21st birthday celebration seizes the opportunity to be able to go out and drink at nightclub and bars. When it comes […]

More 21st birthday party ideas for him

More 21st Birthday Party Ideas for Him

Welcome to our festive 21st Birthday Party Ideas for him the special son or friend in your life, or just maybe you are the special one turning twenty-one. The magical age 21, when boys grow up to be men or do they? That question remains to, be seen. Yes turning 21 the step towards adult […]

More 21st birthday party ideas for her cake

More 21st Birthday Party Ideas for Her

Three or more months to go then the big day arrives you can officially do anything you want girl. Go to clubs you have never been, build your dreams and party until late, yes you are turning 21. Probably you have done it all, but turning 21 only comes once in a lifetime girl so […]

Birthday Celebrations Traditions around the world

Birthday Celebrations & Traditions around the world

All over the world people celebrate with traditions and celebrations of their birth every day of the year. Have you ever sat and thought to yourself can I remember my centenary over the years with parties when turning the important ages in our lives from six years old, thirteen years old, sixteen years old (while […]