21st Birthday Party Ideas – Traditions or Dares You Can Perform

21st birthday entails a traditional rite of passage. It is the day when you are officially considered as an adult. Most occasions serve a tradition; depending on the country you live in. In the ancient times, anyone who is celebrating their 21st b-day is given a key. This key symbolizes adulthood and the right to own a house or become a senior member of the household.

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Traditions or Dares You Can Perform Party

21st Birthday Party Ideas Traditions – A Brief Introduction

Birthdays are personal events celebrated annually. It depicts the how many years you have lived. Not all countries or religion, per se, celebrate their 21st birthday with parties such as in the United States. In Jewish tradition, when a boy becomes 13 they celebrate bar mitzvah and girls – bat mitzvah. It commemorates the rite of passage where a boy or a girl is obliged to the law of the commandments. In a true sense of word, it simply means you are accountable for your actions. In Mexico, they celebrate quinceanera which marks their 15th birthday. While in Korea, they celebrate Baek-il (feast for the 100th day) and their child’s birthday which is called Doljanchi.

Going back in history, 21st birthday signifies knighthood during the Renaissance period. This turns a boy into a man, in the true sense of word. Through the course of time and the advent of man, 21st birthday parties still signifies your transition into adulthood. This is why there are several 21st B-day party ideas that can celebrate fun and perform traditions at the same time.

Traditions to Perform during your 21st Birthday Party

Birthday celebrants are presented with a special cake. Birthday cakes usually have their names and candles subsequent to their age. Nowadays, cakes can go from the simplest to the most elaborate. Making a wish before blowing your birthday candles are considered an age-old tradition with the hope that every wish gets granted.

Interesting traditions for your 21st Birthday Party:

This entry will not mainly focus on traditions in the classical sense. Here we will discuss about some good party ideas on which you can be able to integrate tradition with fun. Some can be outrageous and some can be oddly funny. But these will surely make your B-Day party memorable for everyone.

Birthday Cake – out with the old and in with the new! Birthday cakes do not need to be boring or too sweet. What a more exciting way for your birthday cake is to make it with shot glasses. Here’s what you can do:

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Traditions or Dares You Can Perform Birthday cake

21 shot glasses with alcohol – Fill each shot glass with alcohol and layer them up just like a cake. Instead of the traditional cutting of the cake, to celebrate your 21st birthday, you can drink them all up. (A little note to self: get a hangover kit ready in the morning)

Jello Shots – same as the 21st birthday cake only with a twist. You can prepare 21 jello shots and layer them up as well. Jello shots are jellos mixed with alcohol to put some buzz into it! You can find several recipes for jello shots off the internet.

Birthday Games or Dares – Now this is really exciting. In my previous article, I have provided a list of 21st birthday party ideas for games. You can either play those or put up a dare of your own. This will surely keep everyone entertained.

Dares – drinking up all the shot glasses from your birthday cake are a dare alone. But you can go beyond just that. There are several dares you can choose from and let me start off with some – don’t worry these are all for good, clean 21st birthday party idea fun!

  1. Sing a karaoke of your favorite song in front of other people
  2. Dance “Gangnam Style” or to any K-pop song or do twerking
  3. Ask a stranger to sing you the Happy Birthday Song
  4. Collect a dollar each from 21 strangers
  5. Take selfies with 21 random strangers, including a cop!
  6. Complete 21 shots continuously
  7. Have 21 of your friends wish you a happy birthday and take a shot
  8. Head a Conga line in a bar
  9. Pretend to be British by speaking only in a British accent
  10. Dance on top of the table
  11. Get a random stranger to buy you a drink
  12. Get a piggy ride back to the bar or club
  13. Kiss a stranger
  14. Kiss a bald head and for good luck, give it a rub
  15. Order a drink that starts with the first letter of your name
  16. Use the wrong bathroom in a bar but have someone stand outside to guard you, just in case
  17. Get the DJ to give you a shout out
  18. Get 21 phone numbers
  19. Find someone who is celebrating their birthday and buy him/her a birthday drink
  20. Drunk-dial the 21st person on your contact list
  21. Watch the sunrise


21st Birthday Party Ideas - Traditions or Dares You Can Perform 21 Shots

These are just a list of some 21st birthday party dares which breaks common tradition and makes your birthday party something to remember. It may be naughty, funny or downright stupid – but no matter how it sounds, it’s your 21st birthday and this is your time to shine.