The Best Drinks to Order When Turning 21

Yes, you are finally turning 21 and its time to party and legally order alcohol while celebrating your 21st birthday and super exciting. Welcome to a new world opening its doors for you, where the day before it was stealing sips, and secretive guzzling.

Now you can order legitimately with pride and courage and fit in with the rest of the world, although sticking out as a sore thumb as you would not know what to order. No, it is not your fault, as you are inexperienced and painfully obvious and a newbie to bar culture when ordering, as you are just legal in the drinking game. Yes, ordering those Long Island Iced Teas, known to be a hangover from the underworld.

So for your first 21st birthday celebration it is time to drink with the professionals and order what they drink. In addition, with our list of the drinks found here you are on your way to adulthood and set for life.

The Drinking List

Important Note: For one we know that we are not your parents, but please do us a favor and keep it to a limit. Drink alcohol moderately and please do not attempt to complete this list by the end of your 21st birthday and 21st Birthday Party Ideas does not encourage underage drinking or driving under the influence.

The best list for drinks for your birthday

Guinness Race

This is a darkish black beer with a silky foam and smooth finish from Irish loved beer drinkers and usually served in a pint glass enhancing the beer’s aroma. This challenge is partaken in an Irish Pub, grab all your friends, and ask the bartender for the races of all races the Guinness Chase dare and down your pint before the others. Be careful your bartender will do anything in their power to beat you, and you need to keep your wits about it if you want to win.

Bull Sweat

Drink the Bull Sweat to provide you the rite of passage and made for all 21 and over. It may be an awful experience, but for this special occasion, you cannot escape it. The ingredient for this drink depends on who mixes it so care for your bartender like royalty with white gloves.

The drink will consist of Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, salt, lime juice and some liquor cream to make it curdle – other alcoholic choice all depends on the bartender.

The Traffic Light – Go Stop Go

Drink these shots as fast as you can a series of three shooters stacked resembling a traffic light. From top a red shot with cinnamon schnapps, the yellow middle shot some tequila and last on your list a shot of green apple schnapps.

Who can resist a Blow Job

Place your hands behind your back, bend forward and get ready for a cream filled shot of Kahlua, Irish Bailey’s cream, and double topped whipped cream and drink up.

A Smurf Tastes So Good

This delectable shot made of liquor with berry flavors and licorice mixed Blue Curacao a sweet, fruity taste, adding the Smurfs blue color and the easiest shot to take while tasting good.

For one, we see you have made it this far on your 21st birthday, you have not seen it all it is time to end the shots with an AMF (Adios Motherfucker) you will be spinning in no time. A potent shot of rum, gin, tequila, Blue Curacao, a sweet and sour combination with a touch of ginger ale – bottoms up and say adios.

drinks for your 21st

Stylish Drinks

As your night progresses celebrating your 21st it is time to leave those shots behind, and get down to partying and ending of your night with some stylish drinking, taking it slow on those shots, and if you have made it thus far we have a delicious list of sophisticated drinks to enjoy while dancing the night away.

Alternatively, you may have decided it is time to go home and party further with your friends, then theses classy drinks will keep you moving until you drop, presenting you with flavors out of this world.

Caribbean Pineapple Flavor

This delicious drink consists of three parts pineapple juice and one part rum served over ice and once you have experienced the taste, you will never go back to drinking anything else. It is light and delectable to keep that thirst quenched for the night.

Enjoy a White Russian

This well-known popular drink with college students not going anywhere soon – made with coffee liquor, cream, and vodka. Yummy, sweet tastes drinks that you can splash down with a little coca-cola making it less sweet.

Have some Sex on the Beach

Before, ending your night, have some Sex on the Beach, containing peach schnapps, cranberry, vodka, and orange juice – however, many bartenders have become creative, creating their own flavors by substituting the orange juice with pineapple juice or changing the schnapps with Midori instead. Either way, you are going to enjoy having a good time with some Sex on the Beach in your hand.

End, Your 21st Birthday with Lady Macbeth

A must have to end a wonderful 21st birthday celebration is to have a Lady Macbeth. By simply mixing equal parts of port wine and champagne, you create a drink to perfection, providing a sweet and rich quality in a drink. Ending your night with Lady Macbeth will, finally set you free with its fortified brandy taste making your birthday celebration into adulthood one to remember.