Some Great 21st Birthday Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Celebrating a 21st birthday is an adventure and big deal for young adults these days. If you have a girlfriend celebrating her big twenty-one and only have two weeks left with our great ideas, you can make it more special for her. Getting smashed is not the only way to have fun on her special birthday – neither responsible nor safe. Save her the hangover and plan a remarkable day or date that she will never forget remembering and looking back with only fond memories and no regrets.

Gestures for a Romantic 21st Birthday

Great birthday ideas for your girlfriend

Plan a romantic 21st birthday for the love of your life surrounded by the number 21. There are different ways to make this day extra special by drawing up 21 romantic gestures into her day or give her 21 small romantic things by starting with 21 balloons place in your apartment. If she is busy studying or at work all day, send her a romantic bouquet with 21 roses to start the celebration planned for the day and some cupcakes with the number 21 one on it to share.

Alternatively, leave her twenty-one cute notes in random places to find throughout her day. Finally, if your apartment has a rooftop and weather permitted set a dinner with some interesting 21st birthday food that is easy to eat by hand with a magnificent view for the two of you to enjoy finishing it off with a small birthday cake with 21 candles on them.

Try 21 New Things

Another, great gesture is to challenge your loved one to try new things and better if your girlfriends adventurous. You could dare her to try the new roller coaster at a fun park nearby with other mundane rides that she has always bypassed. Try an ethnic restaurant she has never been to ordering things on the menu she has never tried. In between squeeze in creative classes from trapeze to pottery or indoor skydiving, rock climbing or exploring caves in a state park while indulging in various cake flavors

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Plan a special romantic 21st birthday, taking her through a walk down memory lane. Here you can enlist the help of friends and family obtaining pictures creating your own video. With the slideshow, you can narrate a magnificent story of her life adventures with voice coverage including interviews with family and friends. When the right time comes, start dimming the lights pop some popcorn and make it a movie night.

Alternatively, plan a birthday date in her hometown visiting places with sentimental meaning for her as she grew up – including a childhood home, high school, gym, or park where she enjoyed fun times while being a teen.

Amazing day out

Plan a Responsible and Sophisticated Night Out

When it comes to alcoholic beverages associated with 21st birthday parties there is a right and a wrong to enjoying them. Avoid planning an all night drinking party, you are only asking for trouble. Your girlfriend does not want to wind up with a hangover, or land up in hospital with alcohol poisoning. Try the more sophisticated, responsible approach making her birthday date a memorable one for both.

Take her to a fancy restaurant while ordering different glasses of wines so that your girlfriend can savor different tastes. On the other hand, arrange a 21st birthday treat at your home with a mixologist whipping up custom birthday cocktails based on your girlfriends taste. If you are going out for the occasion have a designated driver and preferably avoid drinking anything so that you can care for her from harms way when necessary, making sure that you both arrive safely home – remembering the memorable 21 bash the next day.

Moreover, if you are a real romantic at heart write her a poem no matter how bad your poetry is she will be flattered that you at least attempted it and have a great romantic 21st birthday bash building fond memories for both to enjoy.