Romantic 21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Him

21st Birthday celebrations meant sharing with family and friends, however, when your special man in your life is reaching the big TWENTY-ONE there is plentiful time to share him with his friends. Why not surprise the man in your life with a romantic pre-21st scavenger hunt celebration and have him all to yourself before the big birthday bash.

Start with sexy text messages –ending with him joining you in an extraordinary setting! Leaving the in between as a mystery for him to figure out.

Basics of Planning a Romantic 21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Romantic ideas for birthday parties

Planning a romantic 21st birthday scavenger hunt takes time to figure out – but worth it in the end. With your imaginative mind and mischievousness, you can create a memorable escapade for your boyfriends 21st.

Three basics make up a scavenger hunt and consist of the following:

The Attraction – this is the way you will introduce your scavenger hunt adventure, with a surprise by sending him text messages luring him all the way, as best you only know.

Leaving a Trail of clues – Send him with a web of places containing a clue at each stop. This can include some small 21st birthday gifts, objects he likes all left to your wild imagination, as you know him best. Each clue leads to the next allowing him to find a trail where to go next in finding you – or leaving clues where he can find you to follow up the rest of the clues together in finding the big surprise. Alternatively, leave him to find you until the payoff at the end these decisions make your plan an adventure.

The Magnificent Payoff – All clues lead to his birthday surprise destination where he will find the final surprise. This could be your favorite place where you hang out together or something that he might enjoy a restaurant, the beach, a place with a fantastic view, or his favorite football or baseball game.

Planning the 21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Start by creating lists of how you are planning to arrange your adventure. Think about the theme of the hunt and in what area the hunts concentrated from a small are like your neighborhood, or a city block. Be creative as it could take place in a shopping mall ending in a theater. It could start in one end of the apartment building or home ending with a nicely packed picnic basket in a park – from a hiking trail in a park, bike trail or at his apartment ending on the roof. Go wild and use your imagination!

Once Formulating an Idea

Once completing your idea – it is time to take action and map out your plan of action. Do these before you start thinking of clues, or how they lead from one to the next? Take your time and write down all the stops along the way for example:

  • Start by texting him his first 21st birthday scavenger hunt clue or
  • A note taped to his toothpaste, under a kitchen table, in a box of cookies or the kitchen pantry
  • Maybe if he is an avid bike rider place a note in the spoke of the bicycle or his car window
  • Buy him some chocolate or what he likes to eat
  • Call your friend Frank for the next clue
  • Drive to the lake, park, beach any romantic location of choice where you are waiting with a blanket, picnic basket, wine glasses and some delicious wine, bread, grapes, cheese and more

Remember your romantic 21st birthday scavenger hunt starts with an enticing text or a note.

Perfect ideas for your 21st birthday ideas for him

Think about logistics

When planning his party, surprise think about logistics – do you want him driving, riding bike, take the bus, the subway, or walk from place to place. Preparations need to take place for him if may need something along the way. If you are planning a hike, make sure that he knows that he will need the correct clothing and shoes.

Write down each clue

The fun part is writing the clues leading to his 21st surprise. Use rhymes if you want to make it interesting for him containing images, handwritten or artsy – spending time on it as you want to create a sense of secrecy without creating the clues too hard to understand as this will make him feel frustrated spoiling the fun.

The most important part

The important part of surprising your love of your life is having a good time. With a little bit of planning and creativity you will make his 21st birthday scavenger hunt surprise a day to remember and may just do the trick in leaving some memorable moments to remember for both of you.