More 21st Birthday Party Ideas for Him

Welcome to our festive 21st Birthday Party Ideas for him the special son or friend in your life, or just maybe you are the special one turning twenty-one.

The magical age 21, when boys grow up to be men or do they? That question remains to, be seen. Yes turning 21 the step towards adult hood, all the things your parents taught you, whether you wanted to, or not will now become effective in your journey while walking through life on the road that lay ahead.

Birthdays are always special and have been for ages. When it comes to the 21st birthday for a boy reaching the adulthood of a man, is especially important that is why making your son or friends day special should be a day that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Create Memorable Memories with our Birthday Ideas

 More 21st birthday party ideas for him

The party is celebrated with great passion and yes, can get wild, and with being able to drink legally, rowdy too. If you decide to have this magical memorable event at abode, think about your neighbors’ with sending in advance a notice so that your neighbors’ will cut you some slack for this unforgettable occasion.

With our ideas for him, you can be sure that his night will be a day to cherish and not start out the next day in a cell at the police station.

First Step the Theme   

The most important step is deciding where you are going to hold this party at home or going out. This all depends on what the birthday boy likes. Choose a theme that you know he would like and if you are the one preparing, your own party, and then the choice is yours.

Themes can vary from his favorite:

  • From his favorite PS game he likes to play,
  • Sport he loves to watch,
  • Horror theme if he is into gory characters,
  • Casino game night very popular,
  • Medieval night from dressing up as knights, kings to queens,
  • Black and white hat and shirt party if party at home has a pool this is great with bathers underneath the clothing as you are sure to land up in the pool.
  • Another great hit are Murder solving

No matter what theme you choose the invitations, decorations, music, and food will follow the theme planned. With banners, balloons and variations of decorations you can easily follow a color that will fit in with any type of birthday celebration.

Do not forget the food

As you know, there will be loads of drinking taking place for those that like a drink or two. So always remember this, have plenty of carb heavy food available for the guests. These will help those that overindulge a bit too much to absorb the alcohol and even provide some energy. Preferably, serve up the birthday food in the beginning of the party to ensure that your guests have a great start before drinking too much.

Food plays a big role at any party deciding on the right food is important if you go for hot foods some simple menus like:

  • Chili dishes,
  • Warm or mild curry with plenty of rice,
  • Variation of pasta food, meaty with lots of cheese or mild to hot meaty pizzas,
  • The all time favorite burgers, filled salty pastries,
  • Chinese food will do, as most 21 year olds will be more interested in the drink.

Always keep extra snacks for later in the evening especially after your guests have been drinking for a few hours. In addition, if you are following a theme ensure that the foods you use have many carbs for intake.

Provide them with early breakfast snacks such as mini toasts with cheese and ham, cheese or toast with sardines with a touch of tobacco, just right to provide the oil needed for that liver.

The other important part is the birthday boy’s party cake, for some this may be tradition so choose a cake on his favorite sport, cake filled with lots of rum or even a cake with the birthday boy’s photo on it there are wide choices when it come to cakes.

And for those that do not follow traditions build a tower of small round chocolate éclairs to provide the in between sweetness while drinking. Even a rainbow colored square injected alcohol beverage jelly cake will do the trick to make a difference to any 21st birthday party.

The Gift

Just as important as the food is the birthday party gift, advice the guests with ideas on gifts that he may need from beer to coffee mugs, the latest cell phone he has had his eye on, even a PSP game. Advise all guests to write small-personalized letters and birthday messages for the special birthday man. Compile in a book with photos of the person who wrote the message get it printed and bound, leaving him some great memories to enjoy.

Security tips

No matter where you keep this party always, ensure for security and safety by following these easy step:

Invitations presented at the door and names ticked off a list you never know unwanted guests may turn up.

Great idea is sending a tamper proof security band with the invitation as this makes it easier to control admissions to the party.

If at home, ensure that all doors to bedrooms locked.

Remove all valuable and pack them away.

Gather people who would like to make speeches before the time and play music that the guests would enjoy.

More 21st birthday party ideas for him morning

The morning after

With the 21st birthday party ideas for him, we always think ahead! There will be drinking and lots of it always ensure that there is enough coffee and water available to sober them up.

Have taxi details available and arrange with them in advance for those who would like to go home, keep extra bedding on hand for those that may just stay for the night. In addition, for your guests as thank you for attending provide them with a hangover gift that you can make up easily yourself.

The main contents is bottled water, berocca, ginger ale, breath mints, pain relief tabs, small toothpaste and toothbrush for just in case they do sleep over. Have a hearty breakfast ready with eggs and bacon to line that stomach in the morning.

Last but not least

Make this birthday party a magical memorable safe one with these thoughts by keeping it safe for all to take pleasure in, while the guest of honor receives his special 21 key to opening the door of adulthood with food, drinks, gifts, and music to enjoy.