More 21st Birthday Party Ideas for Her

Three or more months to go then the big day arrives you can officially do anything you want girl. Go to clubs you have never been, build your dreams and party until late, yes you are turning 21.

Probably you have done it all, but turning 21 only comes once in a lifetime girl so make it special one you will never forget and what more would be one of the funkiest ideas than hiring that limo for close friends, ride from club to club and visit the most exotic places you can think of until you drop.

Yes, that sounds great, however with our great party ideas for your friends, family and even you can make this special day one to remember. For women this day is very important as you can only receive this key to open the door to adulthood if not married in certain traditions.

So go ahead spread your wings and fly when this day arrives you are finally legal to do almost anything you want.

Mysterious adventure with these 21st birthday party ideas for her

More 21st birthday party ideas for her

Ladies want to have fun; you can spend the day just lazing around or visit the town with friends, but no you too young to sit around at friends or home. Turning 21 is fun and there is nothing better than having a birthday party with friends and family.

Dress up visit the beauty salon change your hair, have a manicure, pedicure, and dress up stylish, add color to your face and have a full loaded pleasurable party at the club of your choice, as many clubs have birthday mark downs so you can spend less while having enjoyment until the sun shows his face.

You can even choose with our 21st birthday party things to do on your birthday, how exciting is that? In addition, if you are not into being creative with the 21 things to do you can throw a great theme party.

  • Have a party at your club or rent a private room at the club they have great discounts when it comes to parties.
  • Go eat at your favorite bistro with family and friends.
  • When at home do as they would in Rome. You and your guests can dress up as Romans, with this theme, you can place out fresh fruit plates, and easy cocktail delights.
  • Go back to your teenage years and have a pajama party dress up in your PJ’s and make it a happy evening with friends dancing, drinking and eating.
  • The movie star theme is in no doubt to be a winner when dressing up as your favorite celebrity, you never what important character may come to visit.
  • Have a masquerade ball in modern-day age clothing dressing up to the occasion with feathers and masks dancing the night away.
  • Alternatively, if you are into vintage make up your garden with tables for everyone to seat, bring out your grandmothers cutlery and candles, hire a catering service to make this night memorable.

Four tips for your birthday party to remember

With the alcoholic and party freedom, it can be overwhelming for some birthday girls, so follow these easy party ideas, and plan in making your day feel even more special.

Do not forget the invites make use of your Facebook event and plan at least two weeks in advance, spread the word. Make use of funny clever ideas to read and ensure that this party is going to be social gathering of the year. Entrust the administrative job to your best friend, and recommend her to invite the person you have been eying for a while.

Start of the day with a Pre-Game for intimate close friends with some celebrating drinks. Invite them personally with a text message or private application message of choice. Ensure that you all have something to eat, and drink modest, the day is still young.

Then the parties itself if you are using a club make certain that the guest list is set up for your 21st birthday party as your guests should not wait in line ups as the rest. They are extraordinary guests treated as VIP’s. If the party is at home, make sure that your guests bring their invitations and offer them with a cup cake with a tiny bottle of booze saying have a shot with your cake let us get this party started.

And do not forget the transportation the most important off all always entrust a designated driver no matter how you travel by bus, car or helicopter and for your guests to be safe.

The 21st Birthday Party Ideas for her cakes

More 21st birthday party ideas for her cake

The modern girl is tired of the boring old party cakes, make a difference be special and change the idea of the usual delicacy. By adding, some flair you can make away with the cake and replace them with the following:

  • Make enough chocolate cake frosting cup cape with a 21 on it for each and everyone to enjoy.
  • Make some alcoholic cup cakes and place them in wine glasses styled up with some fluffy feathers around the stem as gifts to friends and family.
  • Have a tower built with cupcakes with color of your theme.
  • Cupcakes with small champagne bottles in them are another great idea.
  • Make us of the versatility of cupcakes and put in jello shots, little umbrellas in them or if you are perhaps having a casino, party add colorful decorations of casino chips, dice, and card identifications on them.

Enjoy your 21st birthday party

Make the best of your 21st with these party ideas and enjoy it responsibly with either your family or friends. Remember girls, you only live once, with the 21 key opening the door to your future and adulthood you will one day think back to this memorable day. You will always remember your closest friends, and family who made this day in becoming an adult very special. Keep your families and friends close to your heart.