21st Birthday Party Ideas for Him

Your loved ones’ 21st birthday party is something that they have been looking forward to for months. This is the time of the year when they are entering adulthood. That is why it is so important that you celebrate their 21st birthday with a party that is truly winning one.

When planning a party, you would have to take a lot of things in consideration. First in question is: to whom is the party for? It is not that difficult to plan a party especially if it is for a loved one. However, it is quite inevitable to not worry if they will like it or not. There are several ways to keep their 21st birthday party as memorable and would definitely make them feel special. In this article, we will be listing down some of the things that you can do when planning a 21st birthday party for him.

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Him


Factors to consider when throwing a 21st birthday party for him:

Let’s admit it; guys aren’t as fuzzy as girls. Some people would find it easy to plan a birthday party for guys than girls. But that is another story and we will get into that later. For now we will focus on 21st birthday party ideas for him.

Theme – the more personal the better. Since you are more likely to know the birthday celebrant personally, the easier you can come up with an idea. Think of something that is of their interest – it may be sports, superhero, cartoon characters or video games, etc. Once you have picked a theme then you can start from there. Let us say, their interest is with sports – you can perhaps print invitations which is similar to a ball game ticket. If you wanted to have a costume-themed party then they can go in wearing jerseys of their favorite team or better yet, come in as their favorite athlete. This will surely keep the night filled with energy! Other suggested themes would be:

  • Casino or Vegas style party – high roller? Make sure to have the lucky hand during this night
  • Hollywood red carpet party – make sure to have everyone dressed to their nines as the paparazzi are waiting to take your photo
  • Pool party – perfect for hot, summer nights
  • Wild West Party – get your cowboy boots on!
  • Mafia style party
  • Laser tag party

…… and the list never ends!

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Venue – this should be considered after settling what theme you would like to have. 21st birthday party can be celebrated in a hotel, pub, or better yet in the comfort of your own home. It really depends especially with the schedule and budget.

Party Decorationsdecorations should coincide with the theme. This will give them the feel that they are it. For example, they wanted a football-themed party; you can either hold the party in a football field (just make sure to check the local weather channel). Or if they are into superheroes then guests can come into their favorite superhero costume. It may sound like attending comic convention or Halloween party, but remember that this day is made especially for him.

Food – this is a no-brainer but could be trivial at times. Foods packed with carbohydrates is better as 21st birthday party is usually about drinking, drinking and more drinking (hence, bingeing!) This is because a person’s 21st birthday is the time that they are considered to be legal. So expect to have alcohol, liquors and every man’s friend – beer, here and there. Best food to serve on his 21st birthday party would be – chips and dip, pizza, nachos, Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, etc. Or for a more personal touch, you can also serve food which happens to be the birthday celebrant’s favorite!

Beverages – yes, you read it right. As mentioned earlier, 21st birthday parties are usually incorporated or “mixed” with alcohol since you are officially an adult and legal. You can even hire a bartender to make it more exciting and have them shake and stir up your night!

Entertainment – this would make any 21st birthday party exciting and something to remember. You can hire a DJ and encourage everyone put their swag on. Other forms of entertainment to bring fun into your 21st birthday party would be – rent a video game arcade, inflatable movie screen to show sporting events, etc.

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Party favors – party favors are some sort of memorabilia. This will remind guests of the fun night they had. Suggestions for party favors include – personalized shot glasses, can opener, beer can sleeve, etc. Fun ideas are endless and you can get creative with this one.

These are just a few factors to consider when planning the ultimate 21st birthday party for him. Make sure that you are within the budget because you don’t want to go overboard when it comes to financial matters just to throw a party. We have laid out tips and tricks hoping that these have helped you with your birthday ideas.