21st Birthday Party Ideas for Her

The little girl is no more, but she has turned into a beautiful lady. Girls’ parties are expected to be full of pink, fairy dusts and etc. This time when celebrating her 21st birthday, you can still incorporate maturity with fun. You can either pick the most elaborate of themes or just go to throwing the downright simple of them parties. Whatever it is, you would know exactly what could be the winning 21st birthday party for her. This article will guide you to the right direction on how to throw the best 21st birthday party for her.

21st birthday parties only comes once in a lifetime. This night will either make or break a person so you would want to carefully plan her 21st birthday party to make it a winning experience. We have listed down some of the best party ideas to help you out.

21st birthday party ideas for her

Things to consider when throwing a 21st birthday party for her:

Budget – This is of an utmost importance. Careful planning entails budgeting because you don’t want to break your bank just to throw a party. We all know that 21st birthday party should be special. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have to spend away your hard-earned money for this.

Theme – this part is the most exciting. Picking out a theme, depends merely on what the 21st birthday celebrant wants in particular. Since most girls (and even boys!) like to play dress-up, this is a definite factor to consider when planning on throwing a birthday party your girlfriend. I was able to go to a couple of parties that have different themes and it sure was a big hit for everyone.

Suggested themes for 21st birthday parties:

  • Hollywood red carpet – this is an ultimate party event that everyone would want to go to. You can dress up as your favorite Hollywood celebrity or can come by as a couple. Walk down the aisle as paparazzi shoot down for a couple of magazine worthy shots!
  • Disney Princess – which girl didn’t grow up wishing they were any of the Disney princesses? It may sound childish but then this is the last of those parties. Dress up as Cinderella or Belle or Aurora. You can put a little twist by incorporating maturity into your costume. Instead of long ball gown, wear a cocktail dress similar to your favorite Disney princess.
  • A night out of town – hire a limousine to drive you around the city’s nightlife. Take few of your closest girlfriends and have a party inside the limo on the way to another party! At least you wouldn’t have to worry about who’s driving you back home
  • 80s theme party – this is quite easy as fashion in the 80s are making a comeback nowadays, so put on those bright-colored get up and get that jitterbug on. You can dress up as retro Madonna, Wham, or Boy George (whichever you fancy!) This is surely a big hit among your friends.
  • Cultural theme – this is a great birthday party idea for anyone, in general. If you are into Japanese, you could hire a sumo wrestling costume and have everyone take turn in playing a sumo wrestler. Girls can dress up as geishas while boys can wear kimonos. You can have sushi, maki and teriyaki on the menu. While serve sake (rice wine) as beverage. If you are into Mediterranean, you can have couscous, baklava, and hummus as choices for food.
  • Renaissance/ Victorian Era theme – costumes for this theme means intricacy. But this is something to look forward to as well especially if you have the budget and the venue.

21st birthday party ideas for her theme

Venue – picking the right venue actually depends on how many guests you will be inviting. Larger number of guests entails that you would have to pick a larger venue. If your backyard permits you that space then that would be awesome.

Decorations – this should coincide with the theme you have picked. You can get thousands of ideas to decorate your party. If you have chosen a Hollywood-themed party, roll down the red carpet upon the arrival of guests to get them into the party mood.

Entertainment – this is a major factor as this will keep the party going. It could start from the music to games. For 80s or retro themed party, you could hire a jukebox or you could hire DJ for a Hollywood-themed party!

Food – 21st birthday parties are sure to be flowing of alcohol since this the celebrant’s rite of passage to being an official adult. Food served should also coincide with the theme to give an emphasis and bring you and your guests into a different party mood as well! This will surely be a party to remember.

Party Favors – Memorabilia such as button pins or something that the celebrant will be best remembered for – it could go from personalized playing cards to personalized shot glasses and even key chain favors. The ideas are endless!

These birthday party ideas are just a guideline for you to throw the ultimate birthday party for your loved one. Anybody’s 21st birthday party only comes once in a lifetime and with careful planning and knowing where and what to do will give the party an epic success. Being able to throw the ultimate birthday party for them will be something that they will remember even as they grow older. Just remember to have fun, after all, girls will be girls!