Thoughtful 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

Turning twenty-one is a significant highlight in any boy’s life as he is at last a man. This making it legal for him to drink and visit casinos and all over the world the 21st birthday celebration seizes the opportunity to be able to go out and drink at nightclub and bars.

When it comes to 21st birthday parties the gift plays an important part of the whole celebration. For the boy turning 21 it can be very difficult in choosing the right gift as some may drink and others may not partake in alcohol, there are more than a few gift ideas set out here selected for you providing you with preference for the drinker and the tea toddler.

Great all round 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

The 21st birthday celebration gift can be what the boy likes the most and if you know, what his preferences are the following birthday gifts will surely make this special day even better.

Thoughtful 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

Technology gifts

Most boys at this age is either going to college or university and gifts that can be used practical for schooling is sure to make them happy. In addition, laptops, external hard drives, smart phone and digital cameras will help them stay prepared and in touch with friends and family when not home.

Buy a Poker Set

Buying the guest of honor a poker set birthday gift will show him that he is now old enough to go gamble in a casino and makes a wonderful gift to use on a regular basis. You can have the box personally engraved and come in a wide variety of styles.

Reminiscence gifts

Give him a reflective gift, as it is more special, sentimental, and enjoyable. Provide him with his favorite cartoon character DVD or a magazine he enjoys to read from the week he was born, as these will be reminders of the days when he was young.

Engraved Jewelry

As this is the mark of adult hood for him, buy a lovely watch and have it engraved with his name or even a personal message written just for him.

Sporty gifts

Most boys are interested in sport give him a jersey from his favorite sports team and if you can get it personally signed even better. Buy him golf clubs if he is into golf or any form of gear from his favorite sports.

Throw a surprise party

If you are in need of 21st birthday party ideas for him a surprise party will be a wonderful gift he will never forget. This celebration can cater for drinker and non-drinkers and for those who do participate in drinking activities provide mixed drinks, cocktails, and Jell O Shots. Many cocktail drinks are non-alcoholic to. In addition, for the minors in the group put stamps on their hands to ensure that no alcohol served to them keeping the party safe with no problems that may occur.

Twenty-One Gift ideas

He is turning 21 so buy him 21 lottery tickets he may just get lucky; give him 21-dollar bills. Alternatively, have gifts engraved with the 21 add his initials and birthrate to it. This can range from mugs, coasters, bottle opener, and even an ice bucket.

Gift hamper

An incredibly considerate and effectual 21st birthday gifts ideas is to make a bequest hamper of 21 objects. The present must be of natural meaning to the boy. Be imaginative and conclude the endowment objects by keeping your thoughts at what the wellbeing and traits of the youngster at 21 is. While deciding on the present, entail all the soaring ensign of life. Use your mind’s eye to do that, and fashion a tale or an idea out of the gift.

Buy him some shares

If your boy is interested in finance providing him some shares as a birthday gift will make him very happy. This will offer him with marvelous prospects and he can even enhance his savings with time. This way they will enter adulthood with a stable investment and remember it always in years to come.

Drinking 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

If the boy is a drinker then the birthday gift has grown tremendously as there are many forms of presents to give a drinking man.

Thoughtful 21st Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him hotel party

Novelty drinking gifts

Buy him novelty gifts to celebrate his birthday and off cause the celebration of him being able to drink legally now. Wide varieties of novelty drinking gifts available to buy from frosted drinking glasses, mugs, funny beer signs, and hats, glasses that are personalized, cocktail shaker, martini glasses, 21 shot glasses, and reusable beer cups. You can give these items to him as presents or even display them around the party celebration.

Elite Hotel party

Instead of bar and club visiting rent two adjoined hotel rooms or large hotel suite and stock it up with interesting booze and food. Invite, only friends who are 21 years of age and older to join. Think if you are to drunk, you can lie down there and sleep without going outside on the road and being a risk to yourself.

Trip to an exotic place

In addition, if you are lucky to have a high budget for a birthday gift, book some airline tickets for an all-inclusive trip to some exotic place not to far that has casinos and nightlife to enjoy. This vacation will create everlasting memories for his 21st birthday party.


No matter what gift you choose for your special boy’s birthday, with these available ideas for 21st birthday gifts, we are sure that you can find one that is suitable to provide great memories when celebrating his birthday.

Moreover, if you are stuck in finding the right gift for the next persons adulthood birthday come back and take look at what our 21st Birthday Gifts for Him has to offer.