21st Birthday Party Ideas: Games You Can Play

Thinking about your upcoming 21st birthday party? Planning parties can be such a pain. As the party host, you would want this event to be a party to remember. 21st birthday is an important milestone in any person’s life. Your party is something that defines you, whether it is traditional or just a simple celebration of life. However it is you would want to make sure that your 21st birthday party is definitely the party that everyone wants to talk about. One way of making you party fun and exciting is playing birthday party games. Here are some 21st b-day party game ideas which you can play with your friends and guests.

21st Birthday Party Ideas Games You Can Play

 21st Birthday Party Ideas: Drinking and Non-Drinking Games

Ideally, when choosing a game to play you would have to consider how many people will join the game and the location or amount of space that is required in order to play the game. Games in parties would always be a nice way to break the ice especially when there is someone new to the crowd. Understanding the mechanics and introducing it to everyone can somehow be tricky. In order to make it enjoyable there are easy yet fun games that you can play. There are two types of games: Drinking and Non-drinking game. Drinking game from the name itself, entails drinking of alcohol (typical for an adult crowd). On the other hand, non-drinking games can be played by anyone of all ages. In this article, I will list down different games that you can add to your 21st b-day party ideas.

Popular and Fun Non-Drinking Games

Panic Word – this is great for 21st birthday party games and anyone can play. The mechanics of the game is the same as taboo. Things that you need are: 100 pieces of index cards and a timer. Write down a word on each index card and place them at the center. Divide players into 2 groups. A member from one team will get to pick a card from the stack. The main objective of this game is to guess the word in less than 1 minute. Just like the game Taboo, you are not allowed to say the word. For example: the word is “dream,” the team member can say something like, “what is one word for rapid eye movement?” Players can take turn with a minute to have them guess the panic word.

21st Birthday Party Ideas Game You Can Play

Celebrity Couples – great icebreaker as this will get people to talk and gain new friends. What you need is some post-it notes, write down names of celebrity couples (one half on one post-it note and the other half on another post-it), stick in on the back of each player and let them find their partners without looking or knowing who they are. Suggested celebrity couples can be (Angelina and Brad, Hansel and Gretel, Starsky and Hutch, etc.)

Cucumber Face Race – this is a great game which can be played by any age. The objective is to have a slice of cucumber on your forehead and race to have that cucumber go down to your mouth without your hand touching it, first person to complete the task wins. This is a lot of fun as you can see different facial reactions from the player.

Fun Drinking Games

Kings or Ring of Fire – Your 21st birthday signifies that you are now an official adult and legal which means that you can play games that incorporates drinking alcohol to add more fun to it! Kings is just one of the exciting drinking games that you and your friends can play on your 21st birthday party. What you need is: a big cup (King’s cup), deck of cards and alcohol (can be beer, wine, cocktails or even mock tails), 2 or more players with a drink each. Mechanics of the game is that a player picks a card from the deck and will do certain action based on the card. For example: player picks Queen – all women from the group takes a drink. You can vary the action that corresponds to the card which would make it all interesting for the group to play. When a player picks King – then that player will dump their drink on the cup, the player to pick the 4th King will drink from the King’s cup.

Paranoia – it is another drinking game and a very interesting one. Form a circle and then the person on your right will whisper a question and the answer to that question must be someone within the group. You would have to say the answer out loud (example question: who is the cutest in the room?) Anyone who would like to know the answer must take a drink.

Fuzzy Duck – in this game, players must form a circle. Everyone should take turns in saying the phrase “fuzzy duck” in clockwise motion. You can only stop when someone says the phrase “does he” and the motion will turn counter clockwise and say the phrase “ducky fuzz” instead. The objective of the game is to be quick and not mess up. Otherwise, you would have to take a drink.

Beer Pong – this is quite popular especially in college games. You would have to play ping pong with a cups 1/3 filled with beer. Your objective is to put the ping pong ball into your opponents’ cup and if it landed, then they will have to drink from the cup.

beer pong is the ultimate 21st birthday party game

Twenty One (21) – one should take turn into counting 1 to 21, the player who gets to say 21 will have to take a drink

Flip Cup – this is a team playing game wherein players are divided into 2 groups. Each group must be standing opposite their opponent in a table. A cup filled with beer is placed for each player. One must take turns in drinking their beer and once empty, place the cup at the edge of the table and flip it over with their hand until the cup is turned upside down. If they fail, they would have to do it again. Once succeeded, the next player from your team takes their turn until everyone in the team has completed. The first team to finish the objective wins.

There are several varieties of games that can be played on your 21st birthday. These party ideas would be a sure fire way to make your party and everyone have a blast.