Food ideas for 21st birthday parties

Food is the heart and soul of any party. Cliche as it sounds; it is the way to a person’s heart. Being able to serve fantastic food is also something that will make your party a success. We have had our share of every bit of food success and even failures in parties. It does make or break a party. You wouldn’t want to be known as someone who threw a party with such horrendous food! In this article, we will be focusing on one of the key element in throwing a successful birthday party. 

We will give you guideline as to how to carefully plan your menu. There are many factors to consider such as to whom you will be throwing the party for and approximately how many guests will be attending. So get ready for this palate-tingling journey as we guide you through on menu planning for your 21st birthday party.

21st birthday party ideas food cake

Things to consider in planning a menu for 21st birthday party:

Budget – this is the most important factor to consider. If you have the budget, you can opt to hire a caterer and choose from a list of their menu. Price would definitely be per serving. So expect to pay higher when you have large number of guests. However, if due to budget constraints you can choose to make your own menu and unleash the gourmet chef within you. Just make sure that you plan ahead of time.

Serving style – are you thinking of a formal sit-down party? Serving style such as buffet or butler is mainly focused on formal parties. If you are thinking of an informal one, try the cocktail style serving. There are so many to choose from depending on your mood that will definitely fit your style.

Theme – this is also a key factor when planning a menu. In our previous articles, we have pointed out several themes that you can choose from when planning a birthday party. Food served in a party should coincide with the theme. For example, if you plan on a Mexican-themed party, you can serve nachos and dips, beer and tequila, etc. You couldn’t expect sushi to be served in a Mediterranean-themed party, right? It would just ruin the entire idea.

Size – they say that size doesn’t matter, but in food it does. Size, in terms of how many people will be on the party. Great menu planning includes serving sizes. You wouldn’t want to fill the other table while the next one is, well, completely starved. That is just an epic disaster!

Dietary restriction – not everyone meets the same dietary needs – due to allergies, religious and cultural practices or by personal choice. It is best to consider dietary restrictions of your guests to make sure that they won’t be left out and they would get to enjoy the party. Oftentimes, when sending out invites, you can include on the RSVP note as to whether you would have to have any food restriction to consider helping you manage and plan your 21st birthday party menu.

21st birthday party ideas food suggestions:

Still confused on what to serve? Here are some menu choices that can help you to start with

Mini burgers

Party Pies

Pizza Bites

Cocktail samosas

Sausage rolls

Mini quiches

Chips and dips


and the list just continues. Also, if time and place permits, you can add barbecue or chicken satay on your menu. If you have the proper equipment then you can also opt to serve hot food such as chili. The most viable option would be finger foods as they are convenient to serve during 21st birthday parties. For more variety, you can add salad, fresh fruit and even cupcakes for that final sweet tooth moment!

Food ideas for 21st birthday parties

Serving of cake is a mixture of everything. I have a sweet tooth that is why I always look forward to the cake in every party. Cake symbolizes the traditional celebration where candles are placed on top of it for the ritual blowing of the candle after making a wish as it is led to believe that it will be granted. Cake is also a way of making sure that the 21st birthday party celebrant feels special. Apparently, there are many ideas that have been put out there on the web as to how uniquely you can present a cake. It can go from simple chiffon to wildly yet creatively designed cakes to alcohol-infused baked goodies. I even saw one where they actually layered shots of whiskey into a cake layer and make it look like cake itself! Your ideas with cake can go beyond your imagination.

Serving food is not that bad but it is not easy either. Remember that when you serve food make sure that they are at their freshest especially if you are doing the grocery shopping and creating your own menu. The fresher the food, the better it will taste and the higher nutrition you will get from it. Remember that 21st birthday party would entail much dancing and drinking! If you plan to serve too much alcohol on the event, food packed with carbohydrates is better as they line up the stomach – which was an old trick of the trade I have learned from an Irish friend. They soak up the alcohol and provide you with much energy to go about the entire night dancing and partying. Most teens do not really tend to be fuzzy when it comes to food as they will be more focused on the beverage or alcohol. But just like what was mentioned, food is the way to another person’s heart. So gear up your kitchen and let the 21st birthday party begin!