Exhilarating 21st birthday party ideas for you

Birthdays are always special occasions, be it the 1st birthday, the 2nd birthday, the 16th birthday or the 21st birthday.   On each of these birthdays you reach a milestone and that is the occasion for celebration.  The festivity and theme are also special on each of these significant dates in your life.

By the age of 21 you have entered the age of adulthood and the celebration is to announce your arrival on the scene.  As you have done previously, the 21st birthday too should be celebrated with pomp and gay to announce you arecrossing of the teenage and stepping into the adult world.

To make this day a memorable one you have to plan properly and that includes guest list, décor, flower, gifts at all.  The whole planning needs your personal involvement and some hard work, which you will cherish. Here you have some 21st birthday party ideas.

Exhilarating 21st birthday party ideas for you

Involvement of your parents

Your parents have brought you up through thick and thin, and have helped you grow up to become an adult.  On this occasion, these dearest ones can share stories of your childhood which sometimes may also be embarrassing, especially in front of friends.  So picking up a fun theme is good.

Some 21st birthday party ideas

  • As it is, having a creative idea with a touch of maturity is the best idea for your 21st B-day.
  • You can also go for some wild theme to showcase your idea about adulthood. A host of wild themes is available in the internet.  Add your innovation to that and try to get the idea that you will be most happy with.
  • If you are the adventurous kind, going for a adventure theme will be the fittest thing, and this can include outside activities such as sea surfing. This activity is best taken up together with your dearest of friends who are eager to spend the morning and ensure that you remain the focal point. It is a thrilling game, and you can get sucked into it while experiencing a wonderful time in your life.
  • You can also choose activities like quad bicycling, hovercraft flying, clay firing, axe and blade hurling, archery so on and so forth for an adventure theme.
  • To announce you are crossing the teenage you can choose a pub theme.  You can celebrate the big event in a club enjoying drinks with friends.   For this, find a club where you will feel comfortable and enjoy the night passing through.
  • You can book a barbecue where you can party together with your friends and relatives. Arranging some hot dogs and burgers around the grill along with the drinks is a very good idea for a coming-of-age party.   However, as you are very new to the world of booze, make it a point that you are not over indulging yourself in alcohol.  Not being able to restrain yourself can mar the whole party, and you will have to do with an embarrassing memory of the party forever.
  • Alternatively, you can spend the 21st birthday party with close buddies and relatives in a low key dinner which can be held at your own backyard, garden or even indoors.
  • If you live in a wine country, wine sampling will make a good idea. Taking a tour of the winery will help you make sure what is available there.