Creating a Memorable 21st Birthday Shot Book

We all know that when you are planning your 21st birthday event you are most likely not going to remember it the next day, so create a new tradition to celebrate your big night and make yourself one to remember for years to come a 21st celebration shot book.

Record every stranger, every shot, and the major slip-ups you make. Since you are not probably going to remember the morning after and know that you are going to regret not remembering it play-by-play – and once recuperating from your major hangover, you will be recalling this for years to come and mainly when being 21 at last starts settling in. Yes, welcome to the real world bills to pay, all the stock investments and maybe another cat.

21st party shots

Your memorable 21st shot book will be a scrapbook holding 21 pages, yes 21 pages of a night to remember! Each shot you take, the person who bought it for you, the taste as the night passes with interesting photo of each shot. As you, fill the pages, holding the books difficult at first not even to think about writing it. So wait until the hangover subsides and your tummy filled with breakfast before starting to complete the previous night’s journey.

Moreover, most important include your friends about the plan as they will have to help most of the time and the ones finishing it.

Included in the pages

  • A name of each shot per page
  • Who bought the shot for you that you are enjoying
  • Where did you take the shot
  • What time did you take the shot
  • What acquired taste you had regarding the shot, nice, sour, sweet
  • A picture of the shot being taken by you

However, before you start getting all excited your book needs preparation with some added decorations to make your 21st birthday shot book look its bests. Something reflecting your personality with some clear-headed photos of you in the front – and yes, it will be ending with how you blasted at the end of the night.

Always remember, do not feel pressurized to drink all the shots and if there are blank pages, this drinking shot game more about participating than getting drunk.

As the night progresses

Once ready to start building your fond memories that we all know you are going to forget somewhere around shot #6, it is time to start collecting more for your shot scrap book. With our help, you can ask the bartender for a great shot recipe and partake in scoring it from 1 to 10 with bottoms up picture. Write down all your funny conversations and take selfies with strangers having them sign as witnessing the shot taken.

the shot book

Collect souvenirs along the way if you are a club or bar hopping on this special birthday celebration from napkins to straws. Have your friends write you some birthday quotes about you turning the legal age of 21.

Have a blast, however, take care, and always have a designated driver taking you home – you do not want to wake up at the police station, as you know how the saying goes:

  • One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, and you hit the floor
  • You are only 21 once, but you can be young forever
  • Finally, you are 21 and lawfully able to do everything
  • First, you take a shot, then the shot takes a shot, then the shot takes you
  • Now you are legally 21 you can legally do things that you couldn’t have done previously… shouldn’t have done before

Enjoy your 21st birthday celebration and proceed with caution – make it one to remember with your shot scrapbook and build fond memories lasting forever.