The 21st Birthday Party Checklist

Yes, the 21st birthday party is coming closer quicker than you can think. It is a celebration to remember when your friends or family turns the big adult 21. With this comes entertainment and one cannot be too organized. Yes, we know easier said than done! Therefore, to help you organize your birthday celebration we have a broad checklist bringing out your interior celebration designer.

The list will help keep you on track, making sure that you do not miss out any details while keeping your ducks in a row. Remember, when planning a 21st have fun, be a party freak, and make it one to remember.

21st Birthday Party Checklist

Starting 6 to 8 weeks before the celebration

Yes, planning a 21st, celebration takes time and you need to start planning at least 6 to 8 weeks before the celebration, especially if you are planning a big birthday bash at home or when renting a place.

  • The first and most important is creating a guest list, followed by a party budget
  • If planning on going big, it might be a good idea to hire a party planner to help you with the important planning
  • Choose your party theme and the location of the party, for example, your home, restaurant, party room and more
  • Important is who will be doing the catering – if needed, add a caterer and bartender for serving drinks
  • Do not forget the entertainment for the evening all depending on your theme a DJ’s a must
  • Book a videographer or photographer
  • Now it is time to choose the invitations based on the theme and order them

Now it is time to sit back for a while and relax by following up on your list, making sure that all is set for the big 21st Celebration.

Time flies planning 3 to 4 Weeks before the Birthday Bash

Time passes by quickly and it is time to start planning the next step of your 21 event by following some easy steps you will have your planning set out and done in no time.

  • As you have your theme it is time to start ordering those decorations and celebration supplies
  • Do not forget the personalized banner matching with your theme
  • The tableware and crockery if you are not planning on using a caterer and those balloons are most important, the ones with the most stylish 21 on them
  • If you want, add a full-scale outline of the honored guest with hanging decorations and streamers matching your theme
  • Some candles make the theme more exiting
  • Some interesting napkin rings and a personalized book for guests to sign making a wonderful keepsake gift for the special guest to remember their 21st birthday celebration forever
  • The cake – you cannot forget the celebration cake and plan the menu while creating a shopping list if not using a caterer
  • Now remember the chairs, linen and tables with themed centerpieces – choose tabletop lanterns or personalized pieces it is the guest of honors special day
  • Buy some confetti to liven up the tables
  • And most important some personalized candy, photo cookies, light ups or even glow jewelry it is your choice

As time passes, you will find by following a list it makes life so much easier with less stress and thinking if there is anything you are forgetting. Being organized helps and provides you with more time to relax.

Awesome list for b-day party to dos

Planning ahead 2 to 3 weeks before the event

Now comes the interesting part of planning as your 21st event comes closer:

  • Create a timeline for the day of the celebration that you can follow making sure that everything runs according to plan
  • Decide on activities and party games for all to participate in think of Piñatas they are great even for adults
  • If you have a theme think of games fitting for the theme
  • Time to collect the RSVPs and check them off against your invitation list

Nearly time for the big celebration counting down one week to go

  • Now is the right time to start buying the non-perishable beverages and food
  • Check your list and make sure that everything is on track with the caterer, DJ, bartender, and more
  • Make sure you have the important 21st birthday candles
  • Do all your heavy cleaning depending on where the celebrations held
  • Call the non-responsive RSVP guests as you do not want unexpected guests turning up at the last minute
  • Select and discuss your party music with the DJ or leave it up to him – they know what a 21 year old likes

Yippee, it is nearly party time two days to go

 Now comes the most important part! It is time to confirm the rentals, entertainment and more. Have some fun in putting together the party goodie bags and makes extra space in that refrigerator for all the delicious party food if you decided to do the catering by yourself.

One Day to go

Depending on where you are going, to have the celebration, the party area needs cleaning. Make sure that the bathrooms are clean and camera batteries checked. Prepare your party food that keeps well and make sure that the candles and matches are on hand to place with the cake. Decorate to your heart’s content.

The big 21st Birthday bash has finally arrived

The big 21st birthday bash has arrived and it is time to make the final preparations:

  • Time to pick up the ice and the birthday cake
  • Finish decorating the party area where the 21st is going to be held
  • Fill up that piñata and make sure that the party games are in place
  • Prepare all perishable foods if not using caterer and gather serving pieces

 Moreover, with all the planning behind you, it is time to welcome your guest in honoring the 21st birthday guest of honor. Have a ball and enjoy the moment!