Birthday Celebrations & Traditions around the world

All over the world people celebrate with traditions and celebrations of their birth every day of the year. Have you ever sat and thought to yourself can I remember my centenary over the years with parties when turning the important ages in our lives from six years old, thirteen years old, sixteen years old (while remembering the saying sweet sixteen and never been kissed before) or your 21st birthday.

Now a day the eighteenth birthday has furthermore become very important as this is the year that most kids leave school and join colleges or universities to study some degree for their future.

Birthday Celebrations Traditions around the world

In some countries, the youth can even start voting when they are sixteen leaving school to study further, go work, and even drive a car. Yes, this special celebration has changed over the years, but the 21st birthday remains a tradition all over the world celebrated with parties and extravagance when youth steps over into maturity to start their lives as adults.

The meaning of the 21st birthday

When you start, planning and thinking next time on 21st birthday ideas then sit back and think what the meaning of the twenty-first celebration is. This celebration has been eminent for centuries and originated from medieval knighthood sacrament days.

According to legends passed down when a boy reached the age of seven, he began to learn what would be required from him to become a knight and taken in as a page. When reaching the age of fourteen he would graduate to grow to be a squire and a close subordinate to a knight. While training and caring for his equipment until he reaches the age of twenty-one he would at last become a knight.

In the times of Elizabethan reign the blessing age for a man to wed use to be 21 and this is why this bicentenary holds a great deal of importance now days all over the world, even though the law for matrimony has altered it is still seen as the age when a boy grows to be a man.

In many countries around the world, the youth are trying out alcohol while in school and the legal age for years for buying and drinking alcohol is 21, but in certain countries, this law has changed to 18 years. Most youth turning 21 particularly in the USA find that their birthday festivity should be partying till the early hours of the morning while consuming as much alcohol as possible making them feel ill or in jail the next morning.

In some countries like the UK, it is a tradition for the special birthday person to give a speech to thank their guests for attending the special birthday party, while in countries like Australia the customs is that the entire guests, family and the guest of honor gives speeches after cutting the cake. Talking about how proud they are of the youth becoming an adult.

Another very important custom for most countries in the world is giving the 21st birthday key. These originated years ago when people gave youth a key at the age of 21 to lock open the door to maturity advising that they are now old enough to afford a house and be a senior of their household when married.

Birthday celebrations, cakes, hats, and song

The majority of birthdays celebrated with traditions of cakes, candles, hats, balloons and song. Most of these customs began hundreds of years ago and still used today to celebrate any anniversary.

Years ago, your birthday had been considered a time when evil spirits would hurt you as the older you became it changed you as a person. The only way alleged to keep these forces at bay was to have close friends and family around you providing you with good wishes and gifts keeping them away.

Appointed noisemakers at these parties use to scare away the evil forces, lighting candles act as torches transporting messages to the deity, and when blowing out these candles you would make a wish sending a signal and message the gods.

Birthday Traditions Blowing candles

Different cultures celebrate important birthdays different to most countries. After many years, the birthday song became a tradition to many around the world and the song itself is more than hundreds of years old. The original song written in 1893 started as a good morning song and in 1935, copyrighted. The birthday songs translated into dozens of languages and one of the most important songs in the English language.

Modern day and age

Over the years, the 21st birthday ideas for festivities and customs have changed. Whilst the modern times have made the significance behind the sign of reaching maturity, outmoded real keys given to youth much younger for apartments to live in, but the customary 21 key remains and sold in a variety of sizes in gift shops all around the world.

Therefore, no matter if, you celebrate your maturity birthday with candles, cakes, balloons, and song enjoy your youth until you turn 21.